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ABA - Brazilian Aquaponics Association, was created to bring together Brazilian aquaponists, passionate people and  Aquaponics enthusiasts having  per:

MISSION:"be a reference in aquaponics and support every Brazilian aquaponist";  

VISION: "To consolidate Brazilian Aquaponics and associate actors who fight in defense of the environmental, social and sustainable rights of aquaponics and who may be promoting and disseminating all the benefits and products, creating ways to encourage the production of family aquaponics; Insert aquaponics in the scope of elementary and high school education in a multidisciplinary way, participating and disseminating with parents and students; and Support, without restriction, technical-scientific research focused on improving aquaponic production methods in obtaining healthy products free from GMO."

VALUES:  ABA adopts universal values as its principles, with respect to human rights, peace and citizenship.

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